Market Price Reporter

Even $0.01 can be the key to a sale in todays competitive online markets. Get accurate reports on your online pricing vs the market. Receive precise information on if your prices are too high or low, or even if a competitors price could be more profitable for your business.

ESales Index reports let your business focus on profit rather than price.

Market Price Reports

Easily see the difference between competitors prices and your own.

Target Competitors

Customise your ESales Index report to feature specific competitors in your sector.

Scheduled Reports

Receive reports as you need them to stay competitive during key sales periods.

Profit Calculation

Optionally add supplier price lists and calculate potential profits at competitor prices.

How it Works

Its hard just watching competitors prices of products with e-commerce. Simply knowing the current market price, or if your competitors are undercutting you is very important! Product, price and service are the basis of any online business. For this reason with multiple retailers, this leaves you with price and service to focus on. Service can however only go so far online which brings you back to price. Ensuring you have competitive and relevant product prices will certainly keep sales up and your business in front of more customers.

Product Price Monitoring

We work with online stores to find their key competitors and products. In addition we watch for price changes in the market, as well as reporting back any differences allowing you to make more money. Of course this sounds simple, but if you have ever tried monitoring 1000’s of products you know it’s far from easy. But this is where we make things simple for you. We benchmark your prices against your competitors in the market. Reporting back with accurate information on which items prices you should potentially amend.

Accuracy is certainly very important for all our customer reporting. For this reason we work directly with live product data, to ensure you get the best information and results. Rather than using marketplace data or data feeds, we remove lag and inaccuracies by working straight from the source. This ensures you get the best data in the fastest way possible about your prices.

Your ESales Index Reports

Plan your weekly updates and keep competitive in a changing online market. Receive your reports on a Thursday for example, to change your pricing ahead of weekend sales. Not to mention improving your profits, this will reduce business costs in time alone. Similarly heading into the Christmas or Black Friday sales, keep well informed on current market prices with regular updates. This allows your staff to stay focused on important tasks at set times. In this case promotional offers or additionally customer enquires during sales periods. Moreover this automation gives your team more time generally for tasks like customer service and fulfilment. As a result your customers get great prices and you receive more sales with less work.

Pick your ESales Index reporting format, for example csv, xls, pdf or something else. Similarly if there is a better format for you let us know and we can make it happen. We build bespoke ESales Index reports for your business. As a result removing data processing times and and allowing you to rapidly use your data.

Automatic Profit Calculation

If price differences are found, should they however be changed? We can additionally work out if reported prices would be profitable for you. In order to do this we compare your supplier price lists to our reports price database. Simply send us your price lists and we will do the rest. Although this is an extra service it is well worth considering.

If you would like profit calculation featured on your reports, we will typically agree a minimum profit rates with you. In the case that a price change falls outside of this, the report will automatically flag it for you. Of course you can interpret that information how you see fit. Nevertheless the ESales Index reports will easily and simply reflect all this information for you.

Our Service Summary

Working across many sectors and industries in e-commerce we understand the competitive nature of selling online. Not only have we worked with many businesses, all of our staff members have run online businesses themselves. To put it differently we are experienced e-commerce specialists and as such understand the work involved in price monitoring and the benefits it can bring a business.

We can ultimately provide you an easy and accurate service to help increase your e-commerce sales. As a result we aim to grow your business in your sector. Choose either monthly or annual service plans and we will tailor your ESales Index report to your business.

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  • We love ESales Index, it has revolutionised our business. We are more competitive and turnover and profit have increase as a result. These guys come highly recommended.

    CFO – Photographic Industry USA 2021
  • I was so sick of having to deal with online prices, I wasted so much time and money on my website before using ESales Index. It is simple, fast and pays for itself.

    Owner – 3D Printing Industry USA 2021
  • Excellent system, with great results for us. A must have with aggressive online sellers these days.

    CEO – Scubadiving Industry USA 2020
  • Brilliant service and the team at ESales Index are excellent to deal with as a company.

    Sales Director – 3D Printing Industry CA 2020
  • We were spending money each year on Google Ads and getting poor sales from it. Using this service made all the difference and we convert really well now on all platforms.

    MD – Photographic Industry UK 2018

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